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Police corruption is rife, says CW in parly submissions
Both grand and petty corruption are prevalent in the South African police Service, said Corruption Watch yesterday in a parliamentary submission before the portfolio committee on policing. In both instances, the appropriate sanctioning of perpetrators is required if this conduct is to be deterred.
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‘They eat money’: corruption feeds Mandela’s political heirs
This absorbing longform article from the New York Times does not reveal much that South Africans do not know already about the Free State Vrede dairy farm corruption scandal. However, it puts the disgraceful episode, its players, and its back story into sharp perspective.

Corruption news

15 ways to boost citizen anti-corruption interest
This four-part series on how we can get more people engaged in fighting corruption was written by Transparency International's social accountability coordinator Mahmoud Farag. The series is aimed not only at organisations working in the social justice arena, but is of immense benefit to anyone wanting to increase their participation in the fight against corruption.

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