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Duduzane Zuma's arrest a result of many contributions
The fall of former president Jacob Zuma and the arrest of his son Duduzane did not happen in a vacuum, writes David Lewis in the Sunday Times - many individuals and organisations played a key role, from a lively civil society to honest bureaucrats, the judiciary, media and voters - and rats deserting the listing ship.
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JOINT STATEMENT condemning attacks on CSOs and activists
A group of civil society organisations, including Corruption Watch, has issued a joint statement condemning attacks - physical, written and verbal - on CSOs and activists. The organisations call for action against the perpetrators of these attacks, and insist that people be allowed to freely exercise their constitutional rights without reprisal.

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How civil society has strengthened SA's democracy
Without active civil society organisations in South Africa, writes Prof William Gumede in a recent policy brief for Democracy Works, the rollback of democratic rights in the past few years, the decline in the public service delivery and rising corruption would have been ultimately worse. Civil society organisations have strengthened and supported democracy in South Africa in numerous ways, which Gumede discusses at length.

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By William Gumede First published on Democracy Works The impact of having a robust civil society in South Africa has played a critical role in creating a vibrant democratic culture and addressing the gap between the state and local communities. This policy brief examines the successes and challenges in furthering engagement, holding public officials accountable Read more >

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Duduzane Zuma’s arrest a result of many contributions

By David Lewis First published in the Sunday Times Reading Jacques Paauw’s The President’s Keepers, I discerned two wings of the Zuma family’s commercial empire. The first could be described as their ‘business’ interests with the Guptas as their primary, if not exclusive, partners. Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane exercised oversight of these family interests. The Read more >

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