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Sassa-gate: profit over service
The Constitutional Court's judgment last week to extend the unlawful contract between the South African Social Security Agency and Cash Paymaster Services was the culmination of weeks of uncertainty for social grant recipients. But the saga is not yet over.

Corruption news

Information Regulator gets off the ground
The newly-established Information Regulator is South Africa's data protection agency. It's headed by former Independent Electoral Commission chairperson Advocate Pansy Tlakula, with two full-time and two part-time employees, The Regulator is subject only to the law and the Constitution, and accounts to the National Assembly.

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CW celebrates multiple triumphs for democracy in SA
Today’s judgment by the Constitutional Court regarding the payment of social grants by the South African Social Services Agency and Cash Paymaster Services was a resounding win for South Africans and a celebration of the independence of the judiciary in the country.

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Sassa-gate: profit over service

It’s been called “Sassa-gate” for all the right reasons: a government crisis characterised by several weeks of blame games; political backbiting; forensic investigations revealing unlawful information peddling; and even lawsuit threats. It is a situation that many South Africans would hate to see repeated in the future. After weeks of tension and anxiety, relief came Read more >

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Public must blow whistles to help us fight corruption

By David Lewis First published in Business Day Corruption is but one of the major challenges confronting SA alongside other arguably more serious problems. Think of poverty, inequality and unemployment. Think of persistent racism. Think of our public education and health systems. Think of our dysfunctional criminal justice institutions and the parlous state of critical Read more >

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