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The descent of Jacob Zuma in 31 steps and counting
This latest timeline, spanning just two months, shows how President Jacob Zuma and his cronies have been taking punches from all corners, with groups from every sector of society – including the ANC itself – now calling on Zuma to step down amidst allegations of corruption and state capture. The fight back against state capture is well under way. But with the pace of politics accelerating it won’t be over until either Parliament or the ANC itself removes Zuma and his associates from office.
Brian Molefe

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Eskom/Brian Molefe saga: a timeline
The Eskom saga, involving its former/current CEO Brian Molefe, has got people talking, but it is not always easy to keep up with the rapid revelations. We've put together an overview of the major developments, based on information that is in the public domain.

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State employees benefit from irregular business with govt
The Auditor-General recently reported to Parliament's Standing Committee on Public Accounts that it had uncovered payments of R32-million by the government to 30 of its employees who had not obtained permission to bid on government contracts. The Auditor-General's office expressed concern to the committee that there has been no consequence for public officials doing business with the state, despite recommendations made years ago on how best to address the issue.

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Eskom/Brian Molefe saga: a timeline

South Africans can be forgiven for sometimes not being able to keep up with events, especially in the public sphere. Developments happen in rapid succession and it can be difficult to keep a clear picture in mind or get a good idea of the magnitude of events. In the case of the Eskom saga, which Read more >

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The descent of Jacob Zuma in 31 steps and counting

By Kavisha Pillay and Mark Hayward First published on Daily Maverick Last week, the Constitutional Court heard arguments that Parliament should either allow for, or be ordered to conduct, a secret ballot when MPs are voting in a motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma. The hearing came after a weekend of storms covered Read more >

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