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Civil society must rise to the occasion
Civil society, community organisations and social movements will have to become more resilient during these increasingly complex, uncertain and troubling times, writes William Gumede. But civil society must also hold government more accountable to distribute resources earmarked for social justice organisations, more fairly, honestly and efficiently.
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SCA dismisses Zuma, NPA corruption charge appeal
The Supreme Court of Appeal this morning dismissed an appeal by President Jacob Zuma and the National Prosecuting Authority against a 2016 High Court ruling which set aside a 2009 decision to withdraw 783 charges of fraud and corruption against Zuma. This means that the charges must be reinstated and Zuma must have his day in court.

Corruption news

Online tool helps companies tackle bribery, corruption
Transparency International UK has launched a new online tool which provides up-to-date and in-depth guidance for companies in understanding and tackling bribery. The tool is aimed at businesses operating anywhere in the world, and expands and updates all of TI UK’s business integrity guidance over the last decade.

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Civil society must rise to the occasion

Civil society organisations (CSOs) come in many forms, some informal and some formal. The latter include non-governmental organisations, community based organisations, or faith-based organisations, among others. They represent a group of individuals who come together for a common purpose, as in to fulfil a particular mandate driven by need. In a policy brief titled Strengthening Read more >

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Corruption in South Africa: a view from the front line

First published on Transparency International UK David Lewis, executive director of TI’s chapter in South Africa, Corruption Watch, reflects on the country’s current situation and the tools available to civil society to fight back against corruption. When, in the period leading to the formation of Corruption Watch, I traipsed around South Africa and the world Read more >

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