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Toxic Mdluli era finally comes to an end
Six years after he was suspended, Richard Mdluli has finally been 'relieved of his duties' as head of police crime intelligence. In the meantime he has earned millions. Mdluli will be pensioned off with all the benefits that are due to him, said police minister Fikile Mbalula at a media briefing.

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CW urges deputy president to appoint new NDPP
Corruption Watch has been cooperating in the investigation into McKinsey and Trillian with the US Department of Justice, and will continue to do so. The organisation believes that for a thorough investigation into state capture and looting to take place in South Africa, the current national director of public prosecutions - whose appointment was set aside in court last month - must be replaced.
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Four reasons why corruption matters
Corruption is everyone's problem, writes Oliver Bullough in this opinion piece for Al Jazeera. Just because you live in a wealthy country or are well off yourself doesn't mean that you can be complacent or uncaring - because corruption affects us all.

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Toxic Mdluli era finally comes to an end

In 2015 the charges of fraud, corruption and money-laundering against Richard Mdluli – which were brought in September 2011 and withdrawn in December 2011 – were reinstated. Yesterday, almost three years later and six years after he was suspended, Mdluli was finally relieved of his duties as head of police crime intelligence. In the meantime, Read more >

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Four reasons why corruption matters

By Oliver Bullough First published on Al Jazeera More than a trillion dollars are stolen from the world’s poorest countries every year, which is such a vast sum that it is hard to visualise. That amount of money would get you Apple, with enough left over to buy every sterling-denominated note or coin in circulation. Read more >

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