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Political party funding to become more transparent
The Constitutional Court ruled today that voters have a constitutional right to make informed election-related decisions, including knowing which private individuals or entities fund political parties. In this regard, the Promotion of Access to Information Act is unconstitutional, because it does not make provision for such disclosure. The ConCourt held that Parliament has 18 months within which to amend the legislation.
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Shelved SIU report highlights gross financial mismanagement in GDH
An SIU investigation report that took seven years to see the light of day has revealed corruption and financial mismanagement in the Gauteng Department of Health, to the tune of R1.2-billion. Corruption Watch, the Treatment Action Campaign and SECTION27 will actively engage the Gauteng government and the Presidency to ensure accountability for those implicated, as well as implementation of the policy recommendations in the report.
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People's Tribunal: implicated parties not bothered
The deadline for implicated parties to respond to the evidence presented at the People's Tribunal for Economic Crime - and which linked them to corrupt activities - has come and gone. Parties were invited to respond within three months of the release of the preliminary findings. Of those 38 parties, just two bothered to respond.

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