Corruption Watch is adding its voice to the drafting of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy (NACS), a document initiated by the Anti-Corruption Inter-Ministerial Committee (ACIMC) established in 2014.

The organisation will focus its activities on creating avenues for public engagement and consultation on the draft document, targeting the general public, civil society and the private sector for their inputs. These activities begin with this survey.

In 2016, while attending the UK Anti-Corruption Summit, the South African government committed to reduce increasing levels of corruption in both the public and private sectors in the country by developing a NACS and a supporting implementation plan.

“We are confident that our revised National Anti-Corruption Strategy will allow us to make further inroads towards rooting out corruption within our country,” the government’s statement said at the time. “This strategy will be based on international best-practice models, many of which have been discussed at this Summit, and will focus on ensuring a structured, consolidated and coordinated governmental and societal approach to fight corruption and foreign bribery.

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