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Focus on civil society funding rather than BEE, says CEO
Companies should place less emphasis on black economic empowerment points and more on funding civil society organisations fighting corruption in the country, said Magda Wierzycka‚ CEO of Sygnia Asset Management. "This is not about politics‚ this is about forces of good versus evil," she added.
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Weak state institutions boost private sector corruption
Corruption has reached deep into communities around the country, said SACC general secretary Bishop Malusi Mpumlwana, and people did not see the need to become educated because there were other ways to make money. Mpumlwana and Prof Ivor Chipkin of Wits University were making submissions before Parliament’s portfolio committee of public enterprises, as part of the committee's preparation for its inquiry into the affairs of Eskom and other state-owned entities, and state capture.
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How corruption is fraying SA’s social, economic fabric
If South Africa is to recover, then the country’s badly frayed socio-economic fabric will need to be restitched, not just patched, writes Sean Gossel. Reversing the effects of state decay on the poor will take short-run and long-run interventions. Short-run measures will need to include holding public officials to account, reforming state owned enterprises and reversing the numerous institutional weaknesses at all levels of government, while long-term interventions must involve both public and private stakeholders.

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Focus on civil society funding rather than BEE, says CEO

By Aphiwe Deklerk First published in Business Day Magda Wierzycka‚ CEO of Sygnia Asset Management‚ has called on companies to ignore black economic empowerment (BEE) points and rather fund civil rights organisations fighting corruption in the country. She said that considering Sahara Computers, a business owned by the Gupta family, had a level 6 BEE Read more >

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Time for govts to accept that civil society is not the enemy

By Cathal Gilbert First published on Al Jazeera There is a growing list of critical problems in the G20’s inbox, namely a faltering global economy, terrorist threats in a majority of G20 member states, and a patched-up climate change agreement. Solving these problems will take more than 20 heads of state and their economic ministers. Read more >

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