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CW welcomes president’s decision to suspend Moyane
Corruption Watch welcomes the president’s decision to suspend Tom Moyane, as we see the SARS commissioner as one of those who has done untold harm to the interests of democratic South Africa. The organisation has declared that it will continue to push for prosecution and the serving of Moyane's just desserts to him.
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Gauteng govt depts need better ethics management
The Public Service Commission's 'State of the Public Service in the Gauteng Province' report reveals that the province is well on its way to keeping a clean administration, but several of its key departments have to take matters relating to corruption and ethics more seriously than is the case currently. The PSC called on the provincial administration to tackle concerns such as irregular appointments, conflict of interest and lack of transparency with respect to making regular performance reports available to the public.
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Parents, guardians must partake in SGB elections
Parents and guardians must get involved in the current school governing body (SGB) elections, writes CW's Lucky Menoe, because SGBs are the governance engines of any public school in South Africa and they must be held accountable for fairly and transparently driving the best interests of the school, whether academic, economic or simply social.

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Gauteng govt depts need better ethics management

More than half of the government departments in Gauteng have no ethics management strategy in place to avoid risks in this area, according to a report by the Public Service Commission (PSC) that was released late in 2017 for the provincial legislature. The State of the Public Service in the Gauteng Province report “assesses the Read more >

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Parents, guardians must partake in SGB elections

By Lucky Menoe First published on News24 It is early on a Saturday morning in late November 2017 as I arrive at Pendla Primary School in the Eastern Cape township of New Brighton to find that it is the latest victim in a series of school burglaries in the area. A computer and several packs Read more >

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