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Corruption is a scourge in our country, and a major obstacle to our development, security, and well-being. It violates the principles of justice, robs people of their basic human rights, damages public confidence, and squanders valuable resources.

We can no longer tolerate the persistent corruption that robs our nation of its opportunities. South Africa has many strengths that could help to build a more inclusive society and foster investment and growth, including modern infrastructure, a dynamic youthful population, a strong financial system, and a sophisticated tourism industry. But opportunities are being wasted through widespread corrupt practices in the public and private sectors.

The impact of these corrupt practices is visible in the everyday challenges of constant power cuts, poor or non-existent service delivery, failures to address youth unemployment, and the current social discontent.

Consequently, there has been a massive loss of confidence in South Africa and its future, and many people with the means to invest in and build the country have left for other pastures.

Now more than ever, we need to stand together as South Africans and summon the courage to fight for a better future for ourselves and our children. Your small donation of just R20 will help us tremendously.

Click on the image or on the button below to go to our R20 for Change donations page on GivenGain.

Support Corruption Watch today. Help us to intensify the fight against corruption and expose it wherever it occurs.


Use your change to make a change. Donate R20 for Change and help us demand transparency in our systems, accountability in our leaders, and better empowerment and protection of whistle-blowers. Support our campaigns to empower communities across the country to know and access their rights and reduce the corruption that robs people of resources intended for their benefit.