Even pensions can be scammed

Dear Corruption Watch, I am 84 and receive a civil pension from the Government Employees Pension Fund. About 10 years ago, the GEPF sent me a letter saying my increments had been incorrectly calculated and requesting that I pay back about R32 000. I ignored the letter, thinking it was a scam. I recently received Read more >

Act protects workplace whistleblowers

Dear Corruption Watch, as an employee, I want to blow the whistle on something going on, but I’ve signed an employment contract that has provisions about confidentiality of information obtained during the scope of my work. I’m also told there are legislative provisions that make it a criminal offence to disclose information. Does the whistleblowers Read more >

Checks and balances mainly after the fact

Dear Corruption Watch, I am concerned that many high-profile and important positions in South Africa made by the president are compromised from the start, like the national prosecutions head. What alternatives to presidential appointment are there in South Africa and other countries? Sick of Lapdogs Dear Sick of Lapdogs, Your concerns regarding presidential appointments are Read more >

‘Cleared’ Jiba faces potential obstacles

Dear Corruption Watch, the national director of public prosecutions recently announced that not only have charges of fraud and perjury against his deputy, Nomgcobo Jiba, been withdrawn, but she’s been promoted! How can she have a future at the NPA? Concerned Crime Fighter Dear Concerned Crime Fighter, Jiba’s integrity was called into question in the Read more >

Migrants have rights in refugee process

Dear Corruption Watch, So many immigrants seeking refuge, opportunity and a future in South Africa are greeted with contempt and “xenophobia” that it’s a wonder we still have so many applications for asylum. But I’m hearing that in addition to such indignities, refugees must pay bribes to become documented aliens. Don’t our laws protecting people’s Read more >

Bad governance in state enterprises is not a good story

Dear Corruption Watch, There seems to be a pattern in the turmoil erupting in our state-owned enterprises between boards and ministers. Inevitably this leads to corruption allegations against one or more of the parties and to allegations of interference from the government in these enterprises. What is the responsibility of each of these actors in Read more >

Is blood always thicker than water?

Dear Corruption Watch: The head of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate [in Gauteng] has been suspended while being investigated for nepotism. And this is the watchdog for misbehaving police personnel! But I wonder: we are all told of the value of social solidarity, of community members assisting each other to get ahead. Why, then, does Read more >

E-governance a blow to corruption

Dear Corruption Watch: I was reading a piece on rampant corruption in India and the prevailing dispensation’s undertaking to root it out. One of the initiatives was to implement an online application system for the granting of certain permits. Is this something worth exploring in South Africa? Regards Mr E Permit Dear Mr E Permit Read more >

Act lost in bureaucracy it should be policing

Dear Corruption Watch: You’ve reported before on the new Public Administration Management Act. You’ve told us that the act is really important since it prevents state officials from doing business with the state and requires them to declare all financial interests. I’ve heard that the president still hasn’t brought the act into operation. When is Read more >