Corruption is the abuse of public resources or public power for personal gain. Corruption Watch is concerned with any such abuse by anyone at any level of government or in business.

Examples of public resources:

  • Money, goods, vehicles, buildings and any other resources that belong to the government
  • Pension funds and medical aid funds
  • Trade union money and resources
  • Lottery money
  • Donations to charities

Common forms of corruption:

  • A business individual pays a bribe to a government official in order to be given a government contract or license
  • The use of government-owned resources, such as motor vehicles, for private purposes
  • A government official takes advantage of his or her position to favour a family member or business associate for a job or tender contract. This is commonly called nepotism
  • A police officer solicits a bribe or a member of the public offers one in order to escape lawful punishment