Citizens marching against corruption

There’s a lot more to Corruption Watch than investigations. In fact, we don’t see ourselves as an investigative agency. We’re an advocacy organisation. Much of our work is focused on policy and legislative work, public education, outreach programmes, campaigns, and raising the public’s awareness of corruption.

We believe that only through a concerted effort, with the general public knowledgeable about the various forms that corruption takes, their rights when it comes to not engaging in corruption, and the different agencies where they can report corruption, will we make any progress in the fight against corruption. People need to get involved, but they can’t fight against what they don’t know about.

Here you can find articles and information relating to the areas in which we work. You can also check out our FAQs for more information.

Legislation / submissions

We are committed to participating in the processes that result in fair, effective laws that benefit all South African residents. Our work in this respect is focused on the fight against corruption, such as amendments of the Protected Disclosures Act and drawing up the draft Political Party Funding bill.


We choose our battles by considering our resources and the impact our participation would make. If our participation in the case would be in the public interest as far as the fight against corruption is concerned, we will contribute to it.

Outreach / events

Part of our public education work involves engaging on a one-to-one basis with communities, students, scholars, school governing bodies, and others. Here we inform people of their rights and responsibilities, listen to their concerns, and encourage them to obey the rule of law at all times.


We only investigate a select number of the reports that we receive due to our limited resources and capacity which is necessary when pursuing forensic investigations.


These are areas of work that focus on a specific theme and are guided by the number of reports we receive in connection with the matter in question. Our schools campaign, traffic bribery campaign, and police leadership campaign are examples.


Good governance in our own organisation is a priority. Good governance in other organisations and in government is something we are helping to work towards, through workshops, discussions, and other events..

Raising awareness

We believe that people will feel more empowered to tackle corruption if they have a better understanding of what forms it takes, who commits it, and how it affects them. Whether employees, state officials or citizens, they will be able to take a stand.

Publications / research

We have published five annual reports, a number of individual reports, online stories targeted at youth, and various e-books filled with guidance on fighting corruption in daily life. This category also encompasses our research projects.

Policy / advocacy

We use the reports we get to analyse and determine the types of corruption that are happening, and the areas in which they are happening. Being thus able to speak with the voice of the people, we use this information to work with government to eliminate loopholes and weaknesses.