Tenders to be cleaned up with new central database

Dear Corruption Watch, in his budget speech, Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene announced that the Treasury is launching a central supplier database and e-tender portal in a bid to fight corruption and make government procurement more efficient and cost-effective. I am a supplier to the state, and I’m confused about how such a move could benefit Read more >

Defamation is fine – in Parliament

Dear Corruption Watch, I never thought I'd say this, but watching proceedings in Parliament has become increasingly interesting. That said, I'm sometimes quite alarmed by what the MPs accuse each other of – from suggestions of corruption to calling the president a thief. I thought we had laws protecting people from being defamed. Why doesn't Read more >

Turn up the heat on climate-fund fraud

Dear Corruption Watch, I'm a proud "eco-warrior" and have a strong interest in protecting our environment. Can corruption harm the environment? – Concerned eco-warrior Dear Eco-warrior In recent decades, environmental degradation has become a serious problem. It is deeply concerning that we are threatening the existence of whole ecosystems, and environmental damage can also have Read more >

IPID: policing the police

Dear Corruption Watch, What exactly is IPID? It has been much in the news, and now it's 'studying' the McBride court record. What is it meant to do for South Africa and does it have any specific role in combating corruption in the criminal justice system?  Yours, Anti-acronym Dear Anti, IPID is the Independent Police Read more >

Hawks must be free to hunt high and low

Dear Corruption Watch, after the state of the nation address, many people voiced their concern that the police are part of the executive branch of the state. This reminded me of the investigations carried out by the Hawks (and before that by the Scorpions) into corruption and organised crime. A number of the people who Read more >

No fast fix for questionable collecting tactics

Dear Corruption Watch, my neighbours complain that their municipal water and electricity bills are incorrect. When they try to challenge their bills, our municipality says that they must first pay the disputed bill, and then argue about it. Surely this can't be right? Yours sincerely Concerned Neighbour Dear Concerned Neighbour The law regarding the powers Read more >

Private sector can bring company crooks to justice

Dear Corruption Watch: You wrote about offshore Swiss bank accounts for people like Fana Hlongwana, whose name has been linked to the arms deal. Since South Africa still has exchange controls limiting the amount of money an individual can take offshore, have these people necessarily contravened these laws? And if they used money-laundering techniques to Read more >

Swiss accounts not beyond law’s reach

Dear Corruption Watch, I've been reading about the South Africans with Swiss bank accounts. Now that many of them have been named, what happens next? Do the police, or people in the South African Revenue Service or other anti-corruption teams investigate them? Zurich Wannabe Dear Zurich Wannabe, We can think of several agencies or institutions Read more >

Poser of political fundraising in SA

Dear Corruption Watch, I am still burning about the fact that people paid R3-million to sit at President Jacob Zuma's table at the ANC's 103rd anniversary celebrations. Isn't this brazen corruption? Meal Ticket Dear Meal Ticket There are no legal impediments to a fundraising event such as the one held by the ANC in Cape Read more >