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Like other non-profit organisations, Corruption Watch (CW) appreciates not only moral support but also financial support, and we’re endlessly grateful for the generosity of our donors. We have an exciting new initiative launching soon – our major donor programme, The Watcher’s Circle, which falls part of our public fundraising. The programme will target a specific Read more >

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What does ethical business practice mean to you and your company?  To us, it means this: Public disclosure of: Anti-corruption programme; Company holdings (organisational transparency); Country-by-country financial reporting; Good governance with appropriate board oversight; Executive leadership committed to pursuing anti-corruption business agenda: tone from the top; Policies and procedures in place including appropriate anti-bribery checklist Read more >

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The commission of inquiry into state capture provides an opportunity for Corruption Watch (CW) to unpack the wide-ranging modus operandi and consequences of the state capture project, and to highlight the conditions that enabled it to flourish.  This initiative gives us a chance to communicate, principally through our community and local media and CSO partners, Read more >

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Corruption Watch (CW) has been running a pilot project focusing on the proceedings and outcomes of the Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture, also known as the Zondo Commission. As a member of the community media sector, you have been selected to receive our articles, analysis and interpretation of the daily events unfolding Read more >