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Are the ANC corruption watchdog’s new teeth sharp enough?

By Moepeng Valencia Talane – CW Voices “The ANC has completed its consolidation of the framework on the integrity commission, thus paving the way for accelerated and beyond-reproach implementation of processes to uphold the integrity of the organisation.” ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula said this at the press briefing that followed the ANC NEC meeting in Read more >

Leoka debacle: lessons learned across sectors for better standards

By Moepeng Valencia Talane – CW Voices The events of this week once again raised the question of standards in the process of appointing leaders in our society. We saw one of the country’s most celebrated industry leaders being the subject of media reports and public commentary questioning her credentials. Economist Thabi Leoka is accused Read more >

Celebrating decades of courageous women

Image: South African History Online By Moepeng Valencia Talane – CW Voices We as South Africans interpret and understand freedom in many ways. For some, it means gaining access to the means they require to make financial emancipation a reality for them and their future generations. For others, it means being able to exist, thrive Read more >

Mandela statues: example of govt failing to ‘read the room’

By Moepeng Valencia Talane – CW Voices Anyone who regularly reads President Cyril Ramaphosa’s weekly newsletter would be forgiven for assuming that South Africa’s government is on track to make the “better life for all” promised on ANC election posters a reality. But they would also have to be living under a rock, missing the Read more >

Enablers galore: the countries that contribute to illicit financial crimes

By Janine Erasmus – CW Voices In part one of our latest mini-series, we posed the question: who are the real corrupt countries in today’s globalised context? We considered factors such as beneficial ownership transparency, the implementation of the African Union Anti-Corruption Convention, and pan-African collaboration in anti-corruption research. The usual suspects such as Nigeria Read more >