CW strongly supports investigative journalists’ role in exposing corruption in SA

Responding to a statement by the State Security Agency (SSA) about investigative journalist Jacques Pauw’s book The President’s Keepers, and threats by both SSA and the South African Revenue Service (Sars) against Pauw and his publisher, NB Publishers, to recall the book, Corruption Watch condemns these actions as those of highly compromised and captured state institutions intent on protecting the president.

Corruption Watch fully supports the critical role played by investigative journalists in exposing and combating corruption, which it sees as the major threat to the security of the South African state.  The attempts by the SSA and Sars to clamp down on freedom of speech, and their threats to go to court to prevent further distribution, printing or publishing of the book, suggest that both parties are prepared to go to great lengths to ensure that the president continues to act with impunity and is not held accountable.

The organisation calls upon the author and his publisher to stand firm in the full knowledge that they enjoy the support of the vast majority of South Africans who labour under the yoke of corruption.


Phemelo Khaas:             083 763 3472