Corruption Watch urges Treasury to investigate alleged procurement irregularities at Eskom

On Friday 24 June, Corruption Watch issued an urgent request to the National Treasury to investigate the manner in which Eskom manages its contracts with existing suppliers and its general adherence to supply chain processes, including its vetting processes.

Corruption Watch is particularly disturbed by the lack of proper planning and risk analysis in respect of the procurement of goods and services at Eskom. The organisation’s letter addressed to the National Treasury notes that Eskom has breached its own supply chain policy, the Public Finance Management Act, and requirements of section 217 of the Constitution, in its pre-payment for coal supply to Tegeta Exploration and Resources.

“We are concerned about the nature and scale of procurement irregularities at Eskom,” said Corruption Watch’s executive director, David Lewis.

“The failure to plan for the provision of goods or services is not a justification for obtaining emergency procurement, especially when it appears to have been approved without conducting proper due diligence,” added Lewis.

As an anti-corruption body, Corruption Watch seeks to expose corruption and abuse of public funds in both the public and private sectors. The organisation is committed to strengthening and refining planning and procurement systems, as well as the ability of private and public bodies to better detect and address corruption in their spheres of operation.

The organisation also notes the pivotal role the National Treasury plays in addressing corrupt procurement practices and holding those responsible accountable.

“The extent of these irregularities can potentially impact our national economy significantly, as well as distort the proper use of taxpayers’ money and efficiency in the delivery of services,” added Lewis.

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