Corruption Watch welcomes President Ramaphosa’s bold and decisive action in firing SARS Commissioner, Tom Moyane. This follows a parade of witnesses before the Nugent Commission of Enquiry, all of whom have testified to the catastrophic consequences of Moyane’s corrupt and incompetent leadership of this vital institution.

Corruption Watch executive director, David Lewis, commented: “We firmly believe that appointees at Moyane’s level – and this would include cabinet ministers and the CEOs of state owned enterprises – serve at the pleasure of the President. Not only does the President have the right to fire someone at this level of the public service, but also he has a positive duty to do so when he loses confidence in the ability and integrity of one of his appointees. This is clearly part of the President’s constitutional obligation to defend the vital interests of all those who live in South Africa.”

Corruption Watch has laid criminal charges against Moyane arising out of his conduct during the infamous Makwakwa affair.

“Moyane’s dismissal from SARS does not affect our determination to pursue criminal charges against him. By weaponising SARS as an instrument of state capture, Moyane has arguably done more damage to South Africa than any other individual. We are determined that he will pay an appropriate price for his criminal conduct,” added Lewis.


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