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New report shines light on corruption in immigration system at Home Affairs

Corruption Watch and partners invite you to the of launch of a new report, Project Lokisa: Asylum at a Price, which focuses on how corruption impacts those seeking legal protection in South Africa, specifically refugees and asylum seekers.

Basing its evidence on personal accounts of corruption experienced by a range of asylum seekers, Corruption Watch documents how corruption manifests within the entire system and how it impacts individual whistle-blowers, as well as the organisation’s attempts to engage constructively with the Department of Home Affairs to fix the problem.

Several practical recommendations have been offered, with the aim of encouraging co-operation between the department and civil society in a bid to institute anti-corruption measures that address the vulnerabilities of asylum seekers and refugees in South Africa.  A memorandum capturing these recommendations and demands will be presented to the Department of Home Affairs.

The details of the launch, to be attended by a range of Corruption Watch and members of affected communities, including whistle-blowers, are as follows:

22 November 2016

Area outside Marabastad refugee reception office
352 Es’kia Mphahlele Drive
[The actual location (open field) of the gathering is corner Es’kia Mphahlele Drive and Johannes Ramkhoase Street]


Mavuso Msimang, Chairperson at Corruption Watch
Marc Gbaffou, African Diaspora Forum
Leanne Govindsamy, Head of Legal and Investigations, Corruption Watch
Sharon Ekambaram, Lawyers for Human Rights

Patience Mkosana:
072 992-8380    
Moira Campbell: 
083 995 4711