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In the light of recent revelations and allegations concerning the relationship between MultiChoice and ANN7, the board of Corruption Watch has decided to release the following statement:

  1. In response to our public fundraising campaign, Corruption Watch received a donation from, amongst other corporations and individuals, Naspers, the owner of MultiChoice. This donation was received some months ago and before the recent revelations.
  2. There are no conditions whatsoever attached to this donation or any other donation received as a result of our public fundraising campaign.
  3. Our annual financial statements, which are published on our website, specify the source of all of our major donations. To date these cover grants from philanthropic foundations, which represent the overwhelming bulk of our income. Given the success of our public fundraising drive, our financial statements for 2017 and henceforth will specify the source of all donations of R100 000 or more.
  4. The board affirms Corruption Watch’s commitment to expose and remedy corruption without fear or favour or regard for the identity of the parties implicated, including whether or not those parties have made donations to Corruption Watch.
  5. Our response to recent revelations and allegations concerning MultiChoice can be found here.

Mavuso Msimang
Chairperson of the board

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Mavuso Msimang  |  David Lewis