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Corruption Watch (CW) and the Right2Know (R2K) Campaign have expressed their frustration at the state’s unacceptable delays in responding to their review application in respect of the findings of the Arms Procurement Commission, also known as the Seriti Commission.

It is almost a year since the two civil society organisations filed their application in the Gauteng High Court, asking the court to set aside the Seriti Commission findings, and it is more than six months since the reasonable expectation that the relevant documents and records would be provided.

In light of the state’s failure to file all documents relevant to the findings of the commission, the organisations lodged an application to compel the provision of the documents. This application was set down for today; however on the eve of the hearing the state requested a postponement and filed a notice to oppose the application.

Both organisations consider this an attempt to drag the matter out, delaying once more justice and accountability for one of the biggest and most far-reaching scandals to have rocked this country.

The outcome of today’s court hearing, subject to agreement between the parties, is for the matter to be placed under case management and that the dispute over the outstanding documents be resolved by the applicants inspecting and obtaining such documents at the state attorney’s office.

This application raises an issue of significant public importance, and CW and R2K restate their intention to move forward with the review to ensure that the arms deal is not whitewashed, and that the people of South Africa finally receive some answers about those implicated in the deal.

For more information, contact:

Corruption Watch:
Phemelo Khaas        083 763-3472

Right2Know Campaign:
Murray Hunter                                         072 672 5468

Go to or for more information on the arms deal.