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Corruption Watch (CW) will release its 11th annual corruption report, titled Accelerating justice, on Tuesday, 4 April 2023.

The report comes at a low point in South Africa’s history, as the country as grapples with the consequences of widespread corruption and deterioration of systems and services, with slow or weak accountability mechanisms.

More than a decade after its launch, the work of Corruption Watch (CW) is more relevant than ever. 

The urgent imperative of this year’s theme of accelerating justice is not only about exposing corruption, but also holding those responsible accountable, and pressing for radical change in the way that our institutions and law enforcement agencies function. It is the work of CW to seek and strive for justice for all who experience the impact of corruption. Whistle-blowers remain at the heart of CW’s work, and a key component of that work is to advocate for far better whistle-blower protection, and a safer environment for blowing the whistle. 

The previous year was a momentous one for CW as it celebrated its 10-year anniversary. The organisation continued its work in 2022 to advance better systems for addressing corruption and advocate for transparency and accountability.  

The report will highlight a wide range of focus areas during 2022, such as the adoption of CW’s proposals for better appointment processes, greater transparency in procurement, and better protection and justice in policing. In addition, the report will include the most commonly reported types of corruption over the year, measures for whistle-blower support and protection, and work to improve access to justice for communities most impacted by corruption.

The report will be released as follows:                                                               

Date: 4 April 2023

Time: 09h00

Platform: Corruption Watch website

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Oteng Makgotlwe

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