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Corruption Watch (CW) will on Wednesday, 15 May 2024 release its new report, The Impact of Corruption: Insights from a Perceptions and Experiences Survey.

Working with a select group of respondents, the study’s primary focus is to gauge the overall perceptions of corruption in South Africa, and to touch on direct experiences of corruption and interaction with officials and leaders from various levels of government and business.

Corruption poses a significant threat to sustainable economic growth, upholding ethical standards, and the equitable administration of justice and services. Accordingly, the study aims to highlight the perceptions, characteristics, and prevalence of corrupt practices within South Africa’s public and private sectors, offering valuable insights into this phenomenon.

The study features respondents’ knowledge and laws of agencies, confidence in law enforcement, thoughts on addressing corruption by appointed officials, and perceptions on whistle-blowing and protection, among other issues.

It also reveals the data collection process used, the sample size of respondents, distribution of respondents per province, their demographic profiles, monthly income, and employment status.

Report release details:

Date:               Wednesday, 15 May 2024

Time:              11h30

Platform:      Corruption Watch website

For media enquiries contact:

Oteng Makgotlwe

Cell: 076 473 8336