For the past eight years, Corruption Watch has developed multi-faceted ways of tackling corruption in South Africa. Our interventions could not be possible without an active public like yourselves supporting our efforts, every step of the way.

Help us commemorate International Anti-Corruption Day, 9 December, by supporting our work with a donation. We depend on kind donations to be able to carry out our work.

Together we can work towards ensuring that corruption does not hinder access to basic services and that those tasked with delivering services whether in the private or public sector are held accountable. 

Our work is important

Corruption Watch relies on donations from generous individuals like you to carry out our work.
We can’t do it without your help.

We provide a platform for reporting corruption to usWe investigate selected reports of alleged corruption, particularly cases that have an impact on societyWe work with mainstream and community media to make sure that corruption is fully exposedWe gather and analyse information to identify patterns and hot spots of corruptionWe build campaigns that mobilise people to take a stand against corruption

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