South Africa elections

The final registration weekend for the upcoming municipal elections takes place over the weekend of 9 and 10 April. If you’re a South African citizen remember that your vote is not only important when it comes to national elections – it’s at municipal level where government and citizens meet directly, and in a way this vote affects you more, because you are voting for the people who will provide you with the services you need to survive.

You’ll be voting for people who will ensure delivery of water and electricity; keep parks, roads and other public spaces clean; implement and manage housing projects drawn up by national and provincial government; decide what roads to build, and where; and more. These are matters that affect your day to day life, and it’s crucial that you have a say in who handles them.

Voters have the right to hold municipal officials accountable for good and bad conduct, instances of corruption, poor or excellent service delivery, competent or incompetent management of finances, and all other aspects of their performance as servants of the people.

To ensure that you know exactly what is required of you as a citizen in the 2016 elections, read our handy guide, which is based on information provided by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

For more answers, visit the IEC’s website.