8 December 2016

Media Invitation
Corruption Watch marks International Anti-Corruption Day at Newtown Junction

Corruption Watch invites you to attend an anti-corruption activation on Friday 9 December 2016, to commemorate International Anti-Corruption Day, an annual UN-designated calendar event to raise awareness of corruption. The theme for 2016 is United against corruption for development, peace and security.

For its commemoration of this day, Corruption Watch has devised a variety of commonly used phrases in the advancement of corruption transactions, which form the backdrop of this activation. “Fifty ya coli”, “Brown envelope” and “Ng’zame mfethu” and other phrases describe how bribes are often solicited. The activation itself consists of a 3-panel exhibition stand that carries some of these slogans, and that has a built in microphone to invite people to come up and, with the aid of a loudhailer, shout out against corruption.

Download this media invitation.

Date:     Friday 9 December 2016
Time:    12h00 – 14h00
Venue: Newtown Junction in open area outside restaurants


Hashtags:            #SpeakUpAgainstCorruption



Patience Mkosana           072 992-8380                      patiencem@corruptionwatch.org.za
Moira Campbell               083 995 4711                       moirac@corruptionwatch.org.za