CW looks forward to a changed landscape 30 years into democracy

Corruption Watch (CW) releases today its 12th annual corruption report, titled Changing the Landscape, just a few months ahead of one of the most critical turning points in the country’s post-democratic history. Presented during an election year, this report bears stark witness to the path South Africa finds itself on after 30 years of democracy, Read more >

CW to release 2023 annual corruption report on 3 April

Corruption Watch (CW) will release its 12th annual corruption report, titled Changing the Landscape, on Wednesday 3 April 2024. Now in its second decade of existence, CW’s work is more important than ever. Despite the presence of additional players in the anti-corruption space since the organisation’s launch in 2012, the levels of corruption have not diminished – Read more >

Farm worker equity schemes a failure of both government and farm owners

Image: Vuk’uzenzele By Melusi NcalaFirst published on News24 The South African government, under the African National Congress (ANC) rule, cares little about the plight of marginalised people – and the ANC-led government’s own abhorrent track record in upholding human rights tells the story.   Besides its well-documented service delivery failures, the handling of the land question Read more >

Episode 4 – Land and Corruption: Story of the Marginalised

Image: PixHere Corruption Watch (CW) is the South Africa lead for the Land and Corruption in Africa phase 2 (LCA2) project, driven by Transparency International (TI), and is part of an eight-chapter team – with Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe – that successfully completed the first phase from 2014 to 2019. Overall, Read more >

Episode 3 – Land and Corruption: Story of the Marginalised

Image: Corruption Watch Episodes 1 and 2 of our new five-part podcast series on land corruption, respectively, laid down the background to the Land and Corruption in Africa phase 2 (LCA2) project, driven by Transparency International (TI), and moved towards discussion of land in the agricultural sector. Now episode 3 has been released. Corruption Watch Read more >

Land rights take centre stage at CW listening session

The continued failure to address land rights in South Africa and the devastating impact of corruption came under the spotlight on 23 October 2023 at a Corruption Watch (CW) event. The organisation hosted a listening session of its new podcast series titled Land and Corruption: Story of the Marginalised, and simultaneously released a research report Read more >