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The commission of inquiry into state capture provides an opportunity for Corruption Watch (CW) to unpack the wide-ranging modus operandi and consequences of the state capture project, and to highlight the conditions that enabled it to flourish.  This initiative gives us a chance to communicate, principally through our community and local media and CSO partners, to people far from the centres of power, and to connect the dots about the effects of corruption on all who live in South Africa.

Corruption Watch (CW) has created a pilot project with a focus on the proceedings and outcomes of the Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture, also known as the Zondo Commission. The aim is for CW to analyse, interpret, and communicate these findings to specific audiences who may not have access to mainstream news channels, and who, in turn, will share the information with their broader communities.  In this way, CW has established itself as a supplier of information, in the first instance tailored to the needs of community and regional media, but also with a view to a wider distribution of this content to other stakeholders and civil society partners.

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