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Knowledge is power, and you can never know too much about the coronavirus that is sweeping the world – provided it is the correct information from a reputable or official source. We have gathered a set of data sheets and pamphlets focused on the South African situation, which may be freely distributed.

These resources provide straightforward, easy-to-follow advice about the recommended ways to avoid catching or spreading the virus.

The Covid-19 WhatsApp Number: 0600 12 3456

Do you need access to justice during the lockdown? These civil society organisations are still working and will be able to help:

Call the legal support hotline if you have any questions regarding your rights or would like to report a violation of your rights during the lockdown:

Are you wondering how you can help in your personal capacity? Gauteng Together is a new initiative, launched on 16 April, to allow community members to assist in ensuring food and social security for vulnerable people around them. Download the starter pack to find out more.

Step it Up for Gender Equality in South African Media urges journalists, content producers, media creatives and editors to keep the gender lens on! Download the guidelines here.

Hints on what to do if you live in an informal settlement, from the International Budget Partnership South Africa:

Advice from the national Department of Health:

Download and share these infographics from the World Health Organisation:

Essential knowledge for coping with the lockdown:

What to do in the wake of fake news

A presentation delivered on 13 April by renowned epidemiologist Prof Salim Abdool Karim.

You can access the presentation here.

Know Your Rights: useful information for when you encounter the police.

Should you get arrested, here is what you can do. Click here.

If you feel that a police officer is abusing their power, you can report them. Click here to find out how.

Do you suspect police corruption in your community? You can report it. Click here.