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Unmask the corrupt

It’s time to stop the corrupt

South Africa, like numerous other countries, has a strong legal framework of anti-corruption laws, but their implementation is not robust, and perpetrators are seldom punished.

Those who engage in corruption are easily able to hide their ill-gotten gains in secret companies or those with opaque corporate ownership structures, or by laundering the proceeds into luxury goods or offshore bank accounts, allowing themselves an extravagant lifestyle in which consequences do not feature.

It’s time to stop the corrupt from hiding their identity and illegal activities. Corrupt politicians and businesspeople continue to escape justice and enjoy luxury lifestyles funded by stolen public money, smuggling illicit funds through shadowy secret companies. Help us Unmask the Corrupt by making a donation today to support our campaign

Unmask the Corrupt

Global anti-corruption NGO Transparency International (TI) says it’s time to put a stop to this culture of impunity. The organisation’s new global campaign Unmask the Corrupt (UtC) urges governments to stop wrongdoers from using these channels to hide the billions of dollars gained through corruption. The three main focus areas of the campaign are beneficial ownership, luxury goods and denial of entry.

UtC is a two-year initiative that forms a new aspect of the NGO’s broader international anti-impunity campaign. It launches officially on 1 September. This page contains links to everything you need to know about it, including updates, articles, and material for download.

Visit the international Unmask the Corrupt website.