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CW Youth Campaign – My Hands Are Clean

My Hands Are Clean (hashtag #MyHandsAreClean or #MHAC), our theme for 2014/2015, calls on young people to commit to taking responsibility for their own actions, to stop the scourge of corruption in our society.

As part of our campaign, we urge you to publicly announce your positive stand against corruption. Join our team of corruption fighters who expose corruption where they see it, but are also willing to monitor their own behaviour before holding others to account.

#MyHandsAreClean is a response to the growing awareness of how corruption affects young people.

“The pervasiveness of corruption in our country … is robbing our youth of their rightful inheritance. Corruption is insidious and corrosive, and the damage that it wreaks today will be felt well into the future by those who had no part in it, or at least are relatively free from blame,” writes Corruption Watch board chairperson, Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane, in the organisation’s 2014 annual report.

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Young people are a major factor in getting the scales to tip in favour of anti-corruption. Our youth campaign aims to educate youth about corruption and encourage them to raise their voices and take action against this problem.

One of the ways that they can do this is to participate in our nomination challenge. We’re encouraging our community of corruption fighters across all platforms to take selfies of their hands and nominate their friends to do the same!

#MyHandsAreClean at Wits University

As part of the ongoing My Hands Are Clean campaign, Corruption Watch’s mobile polygraph arrived at Wits University in August, to raise awareness of the dangers of corruption, and encourage students to not get involved in such activities.

The event was organised by Tina Power, chairperson of Students for Law and Social Justice, and a campaigner for the Unite Against Corruption coalition. The event’s MC was dj Zabalaza Mchunu. “We are here to tell people that they must stop being corrupt,” Mchunu told Wits Vuvuzela. “It’s clear that the country is under siege from lots of corruption, and the NGO Corruption Watch took the responsibility on itself to … come to the young people who are still going up the corporate or government ladder.”

#MyHandsAreClean @ VIPYouthFest

Corruption Watch joined forces with dynamic youth content agency, Livity Africa, for its #VIPYouthFest in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, from 16 – 18 June. It all happened at 73 Juta Street.

The three day event, held under the theme: The State of SA Youth Today, featured live debates, music performances, poetry readings, comedy sketches, and a photographic exhibition.

Participants had the opportunity to take Corruption Watch’s Bribe Detector test, to either keep the results quiet, or make a public declaration to come clean and stay clean. Bear in mind that you only fail if you lie!