I am not the only one


Corruption Watch fights for children like Lethabo in South Africa.

Today your help is more critical than ever.

Young Lethabo in our fundraising video is one of thousands of children who go hungry at school. Their only meal of the day has been taken from them by a corrupt principal who steals the food provided.

Help us to help our children.

Corruption Watch aims to tell the story of those who are affected the most by corruption. By exposing corruption that disadvantages the vulnerable, such as schoolchildren, we want to ensure that opportunities for entering into corrupt relationships are reduced.

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Corruption Watch relies on donations from generous individuals like you to carry out our work.
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We provide a platform for reporting corruption to us


We investigate selected reports of alleged corruption, particularly cases that have an impact on society


We work with mainstream and community media to make sure that corruption is fully exposed


We gather and analyse information to identify patterns and hot spots of corruption


We build campaigns that mobilise people to take a stand against corruption

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