Other ways to donate

There are other ways to make a donation to Corruption Watch. Consider making your contribution monthly – it will help Corruption Watch’s work all year.

Our bank details

If you prefer to donate via your bank account directly, here are our bank details:

Bank: Standard Bank
Type: Savings account
Account number: 00 483 4747
Branch: 004305
Branch name: Rosebank
Account holder: Corruption Watch (RF) NPC

Donations from abroad

If you are outside of South Africa, you can also donate in another currency. You can donate in the following currencies and there will be no further costs for you or us:

  • GBP  – Great British Pounds
  • USD  – US Dollars
  • AUD  – Australian Dollars
  • EUR  – Euro
  • CAD – Canadian Dollars

Online donation

Donating online is safe!
Donations are tax-deductible