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Two days ahead of the first in a series of protest actions against corruption in South Africa on 30 September in Pretoria, Cape Town, and other cities around the country, the Unite Against Corruption coalition today released a statement in response to Nedlac’s decision not to grant us our right to have a protected strike action for workers on 30 September but on a later date, and committed that the march would continue despite this attempt.

Numsa, on behalf of all unions, applied well in advance for permission from Nedlac’s Section 77 committee to hold a protected strike on 30 September. Numsa followed the correct procedure for securing permission. At the meeting on 25 September, a certificate was granted, which meant that any strike action could only take place starting 14 days from this date.

This attempt by Nedlac to frustrate the right of workers to strike will not hamper plans or the mobilisation of union members to exercise their legitimate right to march against corruption. It increases pressure on employers to lend their support to this nationwide protest against the widespread corruption that results in far greater losses to the country and the economy than a day of protest action. However, now that Nedlac have taken this undemocratic manoeuvre it means the strike action is unprotected. Therefore, we are not calling on workers to embark on a strike on Wednesday unless they have made arrangements with their employers.

Numsa has taken all steps necessary to inform its members of the situation, and calls on all those who will not be working – on night-shift, etc to join the marches on 30 September. The union has today, 28 September, issued a strike notice and the national strike against corruption will now take place on 14 October 2015. Now is the time for all workers in the private and public sector to lead the struggle against rampant corruption.

The marches on 30 September are the first in a series of anti-corruption events planned by the coalition. In accordance with the Section 77 certificate, a second action, which will be a protected strike, supported by Unite Against Corruption will take place on 14 October.

This phased action has the full support of all organising parties involved in the coalition.

The undemocratic manoeuvre by Nedlac has only strengthened our resolve. The coalition has been hit hard by the Section 77 committee’s decision, but this will not deter or dissuade the organisers and Unite Against Corruption will go ahead with the marches as planned on Wednesday 30 September.

Artists, civil society organisations, trade unions, faith-based organisations, members of academia, and individuals have signed on to the call to action, and all are outraged at the scale of corruption that is taking place The aim is to let public and private sector leaders know that the people living in this country have had enough of systemic corruption in our society, and will not stand by any longer while corruption cripples our economy, destroys jobs, steals from the poor, sabotages service delivery and undermines our democracy.

The list of demands calls for a commitment by both government and big business to prioritise combating the corruption that impacts so negatively on every aspect of our lives, and to commit to bringing the guilty to justice. The full list of demands has now been released to the media, in advance of Wednesday’s actions.

The demands focus on the need to:

  • end corruption that hampers delivery of goods and basic services;
  • ensure transparent and accountable leadership;
  • institute effective enforcement of anti-corruption laws;
  • ensure greater protection of whistleblowers;
  • guarantee respect for institutions combating corruption, such as the Public Protector’s office;
  • demand greater accountability from business;
  • ensure transparent regulation of public procurement;
  • and prevent corruption that leads to job losses.


The organisers of the marches have published the programmes for the Pretoria and Cape Town events on the official website, Facebook page and Twitter timeline.


Pretoria city centre route:

Participants are encouraged to gather at Burger’s Park from 11h00, and the march will begin at 12h00. The procession will proceed along Lillian Ngoyi Street, turn right into Francis Baard Street, turn left into Nelson Mandela Drive, turn right into Stanza Bopape Street, and turn left into the gardens of the Union Buildings.

Parking is available around Burger’s Park or in Hatfield in the vicinity of Jan Shoba Street cnr Burnett Street. Those wishing to use their personal vehicles are encouraged to park in Hatfield and arrangements have been made to shuttle those parking there to Burger’s Park. All vehicles are parked at owner’s risk and the organisers of the march are not liable for any theft or damage.

Buses will drop people off at Burger’s Park and proceed to park at Hatfield. After the march buses will then collect people outside the gardens of the Union Buildings.

Cape Town route:

Participants are encouraged to gather at Keizersgracht from 11h00, and the march will begin at 12h00. The procession will move down Darling Street, turn left into Adderley Street, turn left into Spin/Bureau Street, turn right in Plein Street and pass Parliament. Thereafter, participants are to return to Keizersgracht along Roeland Street, left into Buitenkant Street, right into Darling Street.

Parking is available throughout the city centre. All vehicles are parked at owner’s risk and the organisers of the march are not liable for any theft or damage.

Details for the Durban, Grahamstown, Bloemfontein and Polokwane concurrent events are available on the official Unite Against Corruption Facebook page.

If you require transport please contact Thuli Ngubane on 079 2404255 /

A full list of organisations and individuals endorsing the march is also available from the website, and continues to grow each day.


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• Twitter: @UAC_Now


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Thuli Ngubane M: 079.240.4255

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