Arms suppliers deny bribery and corruption

By Lee-Ann Alfreds A German arms company did not pay a bribe to arms acquisition chief Chippy Shaik to ensure they won the tender to supply four frigates to the South African Navy. Testifying before the Arms Procurement Commission, Klaus Wiercimok, senior in-house attorney for ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, denied the company had paid US$3-million to Read more >

Hlongwane sings same tune as other witnesses

By Lee-Ann Alfreds He came, he spoke, he left. That was the sum of Fana Hlongwane’s eagerly-awaited appearance at the Arms Procurement Commission. In one of the shortest appearances on the stand, the middleman accused of pocketing hundreds of millions from the arms deal:   *  first tried to have the media banned from taking Read more >

Seriti Commission given five more months

Judge Willie Seriti has been given another five months in which to finish investigating bribery, corruption and other acts of impropriety which might have happened during the acquisition of prime mission equipment for two arms of the South African National Defence Force in 1999. President Jacob Zuma said in a statement released last Friday that, Read more >

Van Vuuren defiant at Seriti Commission

By Lee-Ann Alfreds Hennie van Vuuren, the arms deal critic who withdrew from the Arms Procurement Commission in August, appeared before it on Monday, 20 October, as instructed. The week before, Van Vuuren told Corruption Watch that "I have been summonsed to appear on 20 October and will be at the Arms Procurement Commission at Read more >