Corruption Watch (CW) was founded in 2012 and is a non-government organisation with the main objective to “encourage and enable active public participation in combating corruption by reporting experiences of corruption in South Africa”. In the context of South Africa, CW can be considered the most prominent civil society organisation with a country-wide focus and outreach in the area of anti-corruption, playing a pivotal role in tackling corruption in the country. This role as a major civil society organisation is also highlighted by its official status as the national Transparency International chapter.

Since 2012, CW as an organisation has experienced fast growth in terms of staff, outreach and the number of projects implemented. Its last evaluation, conducted in 2016, informed the development of the five-year strategy (Vision 2021), the organisational Theory of Change, and related projects and programmes. Subsequently, in 2017 CW undertook a significant organisational development programme that has shaped our overall learning and operational process. This Terms of Reference is to conduct an evaluation of CW as an organisation between the period 2017-2021.

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Evaluation objectives: 
The 2021 evaluation has one purpose:
To assess the effectiveness of CW as an organisation in terms of its strategies, Theory of Change, and programmatic areas as outlined in the briefing document.

The findings of this evaluation will inform conclusions, lessons learnt and recommendations to the programmes and effectiveness of CW’s strategy. It is primarily intended for informing CW’s strategy and positioning in the sector, key supporting funders and external partners.

Submission of Proposal
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