Corruption Watch is launching a year-round peer-to-peer fundraising programme, #gifts4impact, to allow our supporters to celebrate their birthdays by donating to our cause. In this new decade, we at Corruption Watch are determined to increase our impact and shake up the society in which we live, bringing us closer to becoming a country that rejects corruption and promotes transparency. But we cannot do this without the support, activism, and long-term commitment of members of the public. We are in this together!

We have laid the foundation and planted the seeds for the change that we expect to see, and this programme is one way of making that change real, as ordinary people take concrete steps to pledge their commitment to a corruption-free society.

We are fortunate that we have built up a strong support base, and thankful for the opportunity to share our progress, victories and sometimes setbacks with you as we continue to tackle corruption in South Africa.

This task remains enormous, in spite of the encouraging gains we have made since our inception in 2012. But it is one that we are prepared for. We have over the years employed numerous tactics to fight corruption, including litigation, investigations, policy advocacy, outreach, and public awareness campaigns.

This year, we are calling on you to pledge your birthday to support our work. By making this personal commitment, you will be making your mark in the fight against corruption, and will encourage others to do the same.

Our 2020 flagship campaigns are informed by the reports that we have received from a variety of communities. From grueling experiences in accessing healthcare services to bribery and abuse of power by police officials, we hear heart-breaking stories that are sometimes, literally, a matter of life and
death. The Corruption Watch team is ready to take this fight forward!

With your help (and some birthday love from your friends and family), we can help improve access to healthcare and enhance accountability in the policing sector.

The #gifts4impact program is an opportunity to share your special day with your loved ones and at the same time help the victims of corruption by supporting our anti-corruption efforts.

So how does it work? It is pretty simple: you get to partner with Corruption Watch to achieve meaningful impact in the fight against corruption.

Are you interested? Send us an e-mail: with your date of birth.

Looking forward to welcoming you in the #gifts4impact program.