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It might be tempting to feel discouraged every time a new instance of abuse of power hits the front pages, or more evidence is uncovered to show the extent of state capture – you may think, “what can I, as one person, do?”

Think again!

By refusing to allow corruption into your life – no matter how petty the incident may seem – you are shutting down opportunities for corruption people to operate. Think of it as supply and demand – if demand ceases, there will be no need to supply. So, if there is no appetite for engaging in shady deeds, there will be no space for corrupt people to ply their trade.

Don’t allow corruption to become your way of life. If you caught it, report it – to us, to the police, to other enforcement authorities.

Visit our online reporting platform and let us know how you encountered and fought corruption. Your information is always kept highly confidential.

You, as an individual, can make a difference by breaking the chain of corruption in your life. Remember that corruption by nature branches out, so your action of stopping it will have a knock-on effect down the line.

Whether you’re a civil servant, a member of the media, a trade union member or official, a business person, an NGO worker, or an ordinary citizen, you CAN act against corruption, starting today! The benefits are better education, improved healthcare, a functioning justice system, enhanced development, strong democracy, and more prosperity for all.

What steps can you take?

  • Educate yourself about the rule of law and your rights and responsibilities as a resident of South Africa.
  • Report incidences of corruption to the authorities. Stand up and do the right thing.
  • Teach your children that corruption is unacceptable. Entrench in them the value of integrity.
  • Refuse to pay or accept bribes, facilitation fees or gifts. Send the message that there is no reward for wrongdoing.
  • Keep pressurising elected officials to include anti-corruption mechanisms in all development policies.
  • Demand easy access to transparent healthcare information, for example on the services residents are entitled to and their costs.
  • Share our materials – show them to your friends and family, share them on your social networks. Help us to get the word out.

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