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Mdluli looted crime unit: report


Lt-Gen Richard Mdluli plundered the police crime intelligence unit, according to a secret police report that details extensive allegations of corruption.


Mdluli's relatives were appointed to the crime intelligence agent programme without performing any undercover operations. He allegedly used state vehicles, in violation of regulations, and used safe houses for himself and his family.


He was appointed to head the unit in 2009. Mdluli's family travelled more than 50 times on the state's account, according to the report.


Other allegations against him include a crime intelligence whistle-blower being abducted by other crime intelligence operatives.


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Africans inherited corruption – William Gumede


Most well-intentioned corruption-busting remedies in Africa fail because the root causes are often poorly understood. Post-independence African countries inherited deeply corrupt institutions, laws and values from colonial and apartheid governments.


Instead of changing these for the better, African ruling parties and leaders entrenched these deeply compromised governance systems.


In most African colonies, the colonial elite centralised political, economic and civic power, reserving top jobs in the public and private sector, and education only to fellow colonials. In the colony, the institutions that should traditionally serve as watchdogs against corruption – the judiciary, police, security services and laws – selectively served only the elite. These institutions were more often subservient to the all-powerful colonial administrator or governor.


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Probe into dubious SA-Iran deals widens


Canada and the United Nations – as well as public protector Thuli Madonsela and the National Conventional Arms Control Committee – are set to probe South Africa's role in busting sanctions against Iran.


This follows a Sunday Times exposé last week that revealed how SA front companies are used to ship US helicopters and spare parts to Iran.


The report also exposed how Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe's partner, Gugu Mtshali, was implicated in an attempt to solicit a bribe to get government support for a proposed R2-billion sanctions-busting deal with Iran.


The Sunday Times understands Madonsela will tomorrow announce a formal probe focusing on whether Mtshali was involved in a bid to sell government support.


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Cosatu 'disappointed' by SCA judgment


Cosatu on Thursday said it was disappointed at a Supreme Court of Appeal ruling that the NPA must produce the record of its 2009 decision to drop criminal charges against President Jacob Zuma.


"We condemn the DA for opportunistically using legal procedures to pursue their political agenda, which is to undermine the democratically elected ANC government and its leadership," Congress  of SA Trade Unions spokesman Patrick Craven said in a statement.


The trade union federation hoped the courts would not allow themselves to be dragged into the Democratic Alliance's "agenda".


"The federation urges the ANC government not to be diverted from the implementation of its programmes," said Craven.


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SIU probes EC grant fraud


The Eastern Cape is cracking down on social grant fraud, with more than 3000 cases handed over to the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) for prosecution.


More than 15 million social grants are being verified in South Africa through a re- registration process aimed at eliminating bad practices.


In the past year, the province lost about R15-million in social grant fraud, and re- registration of the more than 2.7 million dependants in the Eastern Cape is expected to reveal even more cases.


An Eastern Cape civil servant was arrested for alleged grant fraud on Friday. The SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) said arrests had been made in the past and while more are imminent, they could not provide exact numbers.


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Madonsela will probe Motlanthe’s partner


Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe will know in the next four weeks whether his partner, Gugu Mtshali, was involved in soliciting a bribe in a deal meant to bust sanctions against Iran.


Public Protector Thuli Madonsela announced today that she would investigate the matter brought before her by Motlanthe, following a Sunday Times exposé.


She said the outcome of the preliminary investigation will be made available “no later than April 15”.


Following a request by the Deputy President, the Public Protector has decided to conduct a preliminary investigation into the above allegations with a view to establishing whether anyone in the Presidency or the Department of Trade and Industry might have participated in unlawful conduct involving the use of state resources or power,” Madonsela said in a statement.


In this regard the Public Protector will be able to determine whether there are merits in the allegations that state resources and authority were employed to improperly enrich or (benefit) anyone for unlawful purposes.”


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Lt-Gen Richard Mdluli plundered the police crime intelligence unit, according to a secret police report that details extensive allegations of corruption.