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Corruption affects every one of us, and often its presence impels us to make a stand, no matter the cost. Our heroes for this week are municipal workers from Moqhaka municipality in the Free State, who have been protesting intermittently since November 2013 against the alleged corrupt activities of the municipal mayor – he is accused of flouting tender procedures, mismanagement and favouritism.

Frustrated, a number of workers tried to bodily remove the mayor from his office – they were promptly dismissed and so far the municipality is refusing to reinstate them.

The remaining protestors stuck to their guns until it was agreed this week that they would resume their duties and the allegations against the manager would be investigated.

A spokesperson for the workforce said the protests were a last resort for employees whose grievances have fallen on deaf ears for years.

The South African Municipal Workers Union is fighting the dismissals, saying they are illegal.

Our heroes this week are Free State municipal workers who are steadfastly demanding an investigation into allegations of corruption at management level.
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