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'Kenyans' paying millions to shed off refugee status
Millions of shillings are changing hands between people seeking national identity cards and registration officials in northern Kenya, a task force investigating double registration heard this week. The task force is seeking to establish the number of genuine Kenyans who registered with the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees as refugees in the region – Daily Nation

Three admirals censured in Navy corruption investigation
The US Navy announced this week that it censured three admirals in connection with a fraud and bribery investigation that has already led to convictions of three other Navy officers. Rear Admirals Michael Miller, Terry Kraft and David Pimpo were censured by the Secretary of the Navy on Tuesday after an investigation found that they "improperly accepted gifts from a prohibited source" from 2006 to 2007. All three officers have now submitted retirement requests – CNN

Greece is trying to recover $2.8 billion through a ruthless crackdown on tax evasion
Greece's new anti-corruption tsar Panagiotis Nikoloudis has been tasked with recovering 2.5 billion euros for the debt-strapped government's coffers through a ruthless crackdown on tax evasion. The former Supreme Court deputy prosecutor and Greece's first anti-corruption minister told AFP he was itching to tackle the scourge blamed for the country's financial woes and its lack of credibility among its EU peers – Business Insider

New York City building inspectors, contractors surrender to authorities
Nearly 50 city building inspectors and construction contractors — some with alleged mob ties —turned themselves in Tuesday as part of scheme in which builders paid off city employees to fast-track projects. Inspectors also routinely took cash to overlook building code violations, authorities said – New York Daily News

Ex-Romanian presidential candidate held in corruption probe
A former Romanian presidential candidate was remanded in custody late Tuesday over her alleged role in a corruption scandal involving Microsoft licences that has sucked in a number of high-profile figures, prosecutors said. Elena Udrea, dubbed "the president's blonde" by the media for her role as close advisor to former conservative president Traian Basescu, was arrested Tuesday and questioned for 10 hours before being taken into custody, the anti-corruption prosecutor's office said – France24

Ex-Governor’s Brother Arrested on Corruption Charges in Mexico
Carlos Mateo Aguirre Rivero, the brother of former Guerrero governor Angel Aguirre, and several other individuals were arrested on corruption charges, Mexican Criminal Investigations Agency director Tomas Zeron said. Investigators “have determined that a group of people, including former public servants in the state of Guerrero,” had state and federal funds deposited in their personal bank accounts, Zeron said – Latin American Herald Tribune

'Nigeria or corruption, only one can win'
VIDEO: CNN's Christiane Amanpour speaks with Nigerian presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari about Boko Haram, corruption and his own controversial past – CNN

Anti-corruption party wins by a landslide in Delhi
Narendra Modi’s ruling BJP has suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of an anti-corruption party in Delhi’s city election, undermining the Indian prime minister’s image of invincibility and showing the extent of disillusionment with the government after only eight months in office. Fiona Symon talks to Amy Kazmin about the result – Financial Times

How HSBC got rich off Russian corruption
HSBC has found itself mired in international scandal after a massive leak by a former employee revealed how the London-based bank’s private Swiss subsidiary took deposits between 2005 and 2007 from warlords, arms traffickers, drug dealers, dictators and a host of politicians past and present. The exposé, published by French newspaper Le Monde and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, documents around 30 000 accounts with a collective worth of nearly $120 billion – The Daily Beast



Millions of shillings are changing hands between people seeking national identity cards and registration officials in northern Kenya, a task force investigating double registration heard this week. Read this and other stories on corruption from around the world.