Chinese people can report corrupt officials in an instant with this handy app

China’s anti-corruption agency has updated the anti-graft app it launched at the beginning of the year so that whistleblowers can now report cases on the spot by uploading photos or videos. Until now, the app could not facilitate multimedia content. It protects users’ identities by respecting their anonymity. –

Nine jailed for forging building permits

A court in the Saudi city of Sakaka has sentenced nine people to jail and fines for forging building permits in exchange for money, and getting visas for their companies from the labour ministry. The court ruled that they would all be jailed for a combined 10 years and fined SR70.000, a local publication reported recently. Several of the accused, Saudis and Egyptians, used to work at a municipality. –

We fight corruption, not you: government tells NGOs to remove corruption from their names!

India’s joint charity commissioner has issued a notice to Anna Hazare’s NGO ‘India Against Corruption’, against the ‘corruption’ in their name. Fighting corruption is something exclusive to government agencies, apparently, whereas NGOs are intended to do social and religious work, said the commissioner. –

How open data can help tackle corruption

Transparency International UK’s latest policy paper on open data’s benefits in the fight against corruption. – TI-UK

The only thing that works

Corruption in Nigeria trickles down through most arms of the government. Procurement contracts in particular are notorious for graft. The bigger the project, and the longer it takes to complete, the greater the opportunity to divert cash. –

How to track illegal money flows

Crime and corruption are draining a record $1trillion a year from poor and middle-income nations with the disappearance of dirty money hitting some of the world’s poorest regions hardest, a report showed on Monday. – WEF Agenda

Prosecutors seek five-year jail term for Berlusconi for corruption

Prosecutors in Naples on Wednesday sought a five-year jail term for former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi for attempting to corrupt an Italian senator. Court officials said the judge would deliver a verdict on 8 July. Media tycoon Berlusconi has been embroiled in a series of legal cases and completed a community service order for tax fraud earlier this year. – France24

Former Baltimore police officer comes clean about corruption on force

A former Baltimore police sergeant took to Twitter on Wednesday to air a stunning list of acts he said he participated in and witnessed during his 11 years on the city’s force. – Huffington Post

Corruption is killing children in Angola

The world’s deadliest place for kids, Nicholas Kristof reports, is Angola. His mini-documentary touches on the rampant corruption in oil-rich Angola, which is depriving children of education and contributing to the highest rate of child mortality in the world. – New York Times

Shoot the messenger: Kuwait dissolves Transparency International local chapter

Kuwait’s social affairs and labour ministry issued a decree in May that dissolved the board of the independent Kuwaiti Transparency Society. The decree put the group’s management under five government appointees. –  FCPA Blog