Fifa team targets match-fixing, “many” cases of corruption

Fifa’s independent ethics committee is probing “many” cases of suspected corruption, is accelerating its investigations and expects life bans for all but minor offences, according to a source familiar with the matter. – SABC News

 Meet the women fighting corruption and saving mothers’ lives in India

 Corruption, a lack of political will and poor medical facilities are a lethal mix for new mothers in India’s Assam state. Armed with cheap Nokia phones, local groups are taking a stand. – Guardian

 Fifa reform chief Carrard says criticism of Blatter ‘unfair’

The head of Fifa’s new reform committee has said the soccer governing body’s outgoing president Sepp Blatter had been unfairly criticised and there was no evidence of him being involved in corruption. – Reuters

 Ukraine steps up efforts to recover stolen assets abroad

BLOG: Two Kyiv-based women—a lawyer who heads a state agency created to reclaim stolen assets abroad and a social activist-turned-politician who’s made a career out of exposing official corruption—spoke August 20 in Washington about their efforts to clean up Ukraine. –

What type of corruption is really hampering Nigeria’s economy

There are at least two important things to consider when examining the developmental trajectory of states when it comes to corruption. The first is that there are different types of corruption. The second is that the international community – at least through its media – looks on some types of corruption less favourably than others. But, this is sometimes misplaced. – The Conversation

 One of America’s most notorious jails has finally closed after years of shocking corruption

Maryland has permanently shuttered the Baltimore City Detention Center after years of rampant corruption and criminal activity inside the jail, Gov. Larry Hogan (R) said Tuesday. – Business Insider

Guatemala leader could lose immunity over alleged fraud

Congress to debate stripping Perez Molina of immunity from prosecution as ex-vice president denied bail pending trial. – Al Jazeera

Transparency, the missing link in political party funding

South Africa has no legislation regulating private donations to political parties and this leaves the door wide open for corruption. – NGO Pulse

The media is dependent on NGOs to investigate corruption

Media outlets are becoming more reliant on NGOs to uncover corporate wrongdoing, says Global Witness’s new executive director. – Guardian

Corruption, death and tin mining

At the end of a muddy track through plantations of oil-palm and cocoa on the Indonesian island of Bangka, three dozen men on wooden rafts off the beach are dredging black sand from the shallow bay. – Bloomberg

Mexicans are outraged, but not surprised, at the corruption scandal that’s rocking their president’s office

Eight months ago, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto tapped an old party hand and confessed “friend” of his finance minister to investigate conflict of interest allegations against his administration. – Business Insider