Issued by the Independent Electoral Commission


Following a successful implementation of the Political Party Funding Act No. 6 of 2018 on 1 April 2021, the Independent Electoral Commission has thus far issued two quarterly party funding disclosure reports. The first report was issued on 9 September 2021 and the second one was issued on 18 November 2021. Both these reports were met with a high level of interest from political parties themselves, the media, political commentators, academics and members of the public in general.

Today, the commission is once again delivering another instalment of the political party funding disclosure report, the third and penultimate one for the financial year 2021/22. This report covers all qualifying donations declared by political parties for the period of three months between October and December 2021.

Who has made the declaration?

In the third quarter of the 2021/22 financial year, a total of eleven (11) political parties made declarations totalling R46 036 589.97 (forty-six million thirty-six thousand five hundred and eighty-nine rands ninety-seven cents) in terms of section 9 of the Act. Out of the total declarations made, four (4) were made by unrepresented and seven (7) by represented parties.

The unrepresented parties are:

  • Abantu Integrity Movement (AIM) – R100 000.00
  • ActionSA – R5 072 348.50
  • Patriotic Alliance (PA) – R430 000.00
  • Shosholoza Progressive Party – R150 000.00

 The represented parties are:

  • African National Congress (ANC) – R22 803 969.00
  • African Transformation Movement (ATM) – R200 000.00
  • Democratic Alliance (DA) – R12 519 623.47
  • Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) – R3 148 176.00
  • Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) – R484 438.00
  • GOOD – R340 447.00
  • Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) – R787 588.00

The eleven disclosures represent a notable increase in the number of political parties making declarations in comparison to the first and second quarters. In the two preceding quarters, only three and six parties respectively made declarations. It is noteworthy that three parties, namely; ActionSA, ANC and DA have consistently made declarations over the three quarters.

How much was declared?

The cumulative amount declared in the third quarter is R46 036 589.97 (forty-six million thirty-six thousand five hundred and eighty-nine rands ninety-seven cents). This amount is greater than the R30 008 841.74 declared in the first quarter, but short of the R56 880 644.47 declared in the second quarter.

A total value of in-kind donations declared is R5 679 086.97 (five million six hundred and seventy-nine thousand and eighty-six rands ninety-seven cents). The total value of monetary donations, on the other hand, is R40 357 503.00 (forty million three hundred and fifty-seven thousand five hundred and three rands).

ActionSA is the party with the largest amount of in-kind donations declared, amounting to R4 922 348.50 (four million nine hundred and twenty-two thousand three hundred and forty-eight rands fifty cents). Of this amount, a total of R4 212 340.50 (four million two hundred and twelve thousand three hundred and forty rands fifty cents) was made by a single donor in the form of personal protective equipment comprising face masks, hand sanitisers, face shields, etc. In this regard, face masks accounted for the largest proportion of the value of in-kind donations, totalling R3 000 000.

The largest amount of a single monetary donation declared is the R15 000 000 (fifteen million rand) donated by Batho Batho Trust and declared by the ANC. Furthermore, the ANC is the party with the largest value of donations declared amounting to R22 803 969.00, followed by the DA at R12 519 623.47, ActionSA at R5 072 348.50 and EFF at R3 148 176.00. The rest of the parties declared total donations that fell below R1-million.

Foreign donations

Two political parties, ActionSA and DA, made declarations of donations from foreign sources. The combined value of these foreign donations is R1 370 191.47. The DA received the largest amount of foreign donations totalling R840 191.47 followed by ActionSA at R530 000.00. The foreign donation received by ActionSA was received from the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, a German political party foundation and was used for production of training material for candidates and elected councillors, localised policy manifestos and handbooks. This usage of foreign donations is compliant with the provisions of the Act.

In respect of the DA, three separate foreign donations were received from a single donor, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF), also a German foundation which has made donations to the DA in the previous two quarters. To date, cumulative donations of R1 284 526.94 have been made by the FNF to the DA, of which R 329 400.00 was monetary and the balance was in-kind. The cumulative amount falls within the stipulated maximum of R5-million by any foreign donor to a single party and has been used for training and skills development. Based on the information declared, the foreign donations are compliant with the Act and the regulations.

Multi-Party Democracy Fund (MPDF)

In addition to the R2 000 that was received from Mr Paul Malcolm Graham during first quarter, the MPDF received a contribution of contributions of R5 005 000.00 (five million and five thousand rands) during the third quarter. This makes the total value of contributions to the MPDF to be R5 007 000.00 (five million and seven thousand rands) to date.

The largest contribution, totalling R5-million, was made by one of the largest telecommunications company in the country, Vodacom. The commission is exceptionally grateful to all those that responded to the call for supporting multi-party democracy and made contributions to the Fund. We call on other corporates to make contributions to the MPDF in order to strengthen multi-party democracy in the country.

Key observations

The number of declarations has shown a noticeable increase in the third quarter. The commission believes that this is partly a reflection of an improved understanding and wider acceptance of the Act and the need for greater transparency with regard to political party funding. While the commission would like to see this trend continuing, it is important to recognise that this period coincided with an election period, i.e., the 2021 local government elections. There seems to be a positive correlation between the number and size of donations on one hand, and the election period on the other.

There is also a pattern of donors making donations to different parties in more or less the same way that the Multi-Party Democracy Fund is intended to operate. Donors such as Harmony Gold Mining Company, African Rainbow Minerals, South African Breweries, and 3Sixty Health are among the corporates that made donations to multiple parties.

Should the commission receive credible information that identifies donations received by any political party that has not been declared, an investigation in terms of the Act will ensue.