The 18th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) gets under way in Copenhagen, Denmark, today. Corruption Watch folk are there, as regular delegates and also as part of the Young Journalists programme.

The theme for this year’s event is Together for Development, Peace, and Security: Now is the Time to Act.

“Today’s polarised politics fuels many evils:  Populism and extremism, violence, human rights violations, trafficking and illicit money, environmental destruction, and forced migration,” the event organisers noted in a statement released earlier this year.

“Corruption, in increasingly complex forms, is eroding fair and democratic governance across the world. Violence against activists, journalists, and citizens who speak out against injustice and corruption is on the rise, all too often with impunity.”

These dangerous trends, therefore, require a concerted effort from all over the world, with the goal of securing sustainable development, security, and peace. The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a valuable guide in this endeavour, and the fight for better governance and against corruption – highlighted in Goal 16 – lies at their heart.

“This is the time to turn promises to combat corruption and promote transparency into action. It is time to focus on promises made at conferences and conventions near and far, taking stock of progress and gaps.”

With this in mind, the 18th IACC will move the pledge of acting together now to concrete action.

Coming together to fight corruption

This year’s IACC is organised by Transparency International with the support of Transparency Denmark. Each event sees around 1 500 people attending, and anyone is welcome to register to participate. The aim is to have broad representation from NGOs, intergovernmental organisations, government, the private sector, the media, academia, and students and citizens.

Over three days of open discussions and frank debates, the IACC’s goal is to support, engage and empower everyone interested and committed to the fight against corruption and social change.

The event includes a film festival and a music concert, as well as the Anti-Corruption Award.

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