Our hero this week is the new premier of the North West province, Supra Mahumapelo, for taking a positive stance in improving standards of governance. He’s just announced his intention to set up a forensic and fraud investigations unit to tackle corruption in the province.

Mahumapelo urged all members of his executive council to report corruption and work according to good ethical standards. He also encouraged communities to work with the provincial government in fighting fraud and corruption.

“We have asked that all forensic investigation reports commissioned by the provincial government … be made available to the office of the premier for processing and disclosure through the legislature subject to necessary legal processes.”

In his first State of the Province address on Friday, Mahumapelo stated his intention to improve the running of municipalities – this included plans to hold ward councillors accountable for their responsibilities to communities, and to give monthly status reports on service delivery matters in their areas.

He also said that when it comes to dealing with contractors on road infrastructure projects, these will not receive payment for their services unless the project has been approved and signed off by qualified engineers.

Just after he was sworn in in May, Mahumapelo instructed his officials to resist celebrating their new positions in extravagant fashion, and not buy luxury vehicles.

For taking action against fraud and corruption in the North West province, and for stating his intention to improve standards of governance in his office and in municipalities, our hero this week is Premier Supra Mahumapelo.
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