On 14 February the sub-committee of the Portfolio Committee on Public Service and Administration named its shortlist of candidates to fill the vacancy of a commissioner in the Public Service Commission (PSC). The committee has shortlisted seven candidates, three women and four men.

The shortlisted candidates are as follows:

  1.   Ms Mandisa Fatyela
  2.   Ms Refilwe Sebela
  3.   Mr Bhekizenzo Tembe
  4.   Mr Vincent Magerman
  5.   Mr Madoda Sefuba
  6.   Ms Cynthia Rossouw
  7.   Mr Sifiso Khumalo

The list was decided on during a briefing by committee content advisor Julius Ngoepe on the draft criteria for shortlisting candidates.. Ngoepe added that the committee had received 69 applications.

Criteria for shortlisted candidates included that the candidate must be knowledgeable and skilled pertaining to government systems, must possess the relevant qualifications according to the core mandate of the PSC, must have experience in executive, senior or middle management, must have previous experience in the public service, and must demonstrate high levels of integrity. The committee would consider gender and persons with disabilities when shortlisting candidates to ensure fair and equitable representation.

Ngoepe also said that a legal opinion had been sought on what “fit and proper” meant.

A discussion ensued on whether the committee should include in its criteria how many candidates it would shortlist. Suggestions were made for seven, 10, and 11 candidates, with rationales put forward to each suggestion. Members then presented a list of their preferred candidates, and after a break the sub-committee presented the seven candidates which were common in the individual lists.

Committee chairperson Tyotyo James said it would be easier to complete the interviews in a single day if only seven candidates were shortlisted. If interviews continued over two days, he added, the candidates being interviewed on the second day would have a distinct advantage, as they would have heard the questions posed during interviews.

In the end the committee decided on the seven candidates mentioned, despite a few objections.