The best way to stop corruption is for all of us to take a stand; by signing our pledge you are making your voice heard in the on-going battle against all corrupt practices.

The Pledge

Corruption affects us all. It weakens our democracy and trust in our leaders; it eats away at our ethics and corrodes our moral fibre; it discourages public and private investment and reduces its efficiency thus slowing growth and development.

But the people who suffer the consequences of corruption most grievously are those who depend upon public resources for their wellbeing. To be dependent on the government for housing, health care, education, security and welfare makes the poor most vulnerable to corruption, which can deprive them of their constitutional rights.

“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” Mahatma Gandhi


I pledge to be a responsible and honest citizen and

  • neither pay nor take bribes;
  • obey the law and encourage others around me obey the law and to treat public resources respectfully;
  • neither abuse any public money entrusted to my care, nor any position I hold as a public servant, and
  • act with integrity in all my dealings with government; and
  • always remember that public resources are intended for the benefit of the public, not for private gain