From then to now – the heritage of corruption 

By Lesedi Masoko “The existent level of corruption in developing countries across Africa, is high because it is entrenched in its historical roots of colonialism.” This is the view of scholars Luis Angeles and Kyriakos C. Neanidis, written in their 2014 journal article titled The Persistent Effect of Colonialism on Corruption. On this Heritage Day Read more >

Corruption – we have to acknowledge its centuries-old existence

By Janine Erasmus Nepotism, patronage, irregular contracts, rent-seeking. Many people today erroneously associate these corrupt activities only with the current government and yet, corruption in South Africa existed long before 1994. It is fair to say that those who openly yearn for pre-ANC, pre-corruption days are yearning for something that never existed.   As UJ political Read more >