Al Jazeera recently published an extensive report on accusations of sexual abuse and exploitation against the UN’s peacekeeping unit and what is being done to stop them. It touched on several dynamics of the UN peacekeeping arrangement, where countries provide troops for war-ravaged countries, with the intention of helping the citizens to transition back to peace.

Journalist Azad Essa reports that some of these troops stand accused of committing crimes against the very people they are supposed to protect. He presents a four-part investigation into the how the principles of the UN’s peacekeeping unit are compromised when these individuals overstep their boundaries, and the accountability measures that should be in place to punish perpetrators, but are often themselves compromised.

In the interest of highlighting issues of accountability in governance structures that serve our communities, Corruption Watch links to the full report by Essa.

Read full Al Jazeera report here

Source: FLICKR