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With the seventh international Mandela Day just past, it’s clear that July is observed by many people around the world as an opportunity to serve the people around them and do good in their communities for at least 67 minutes – one for each year Mandela devoted to public service. In this article, first published on the website of multinational auditing company Mazars, the firm’s forensic director Keeran Madhav has listed 67 good reasons to fight corruption.

Madhav informs us that corruption is not just manifest in the actual deed. Corruption has a surplus of knock-on effects which appear in various ways throughout our society, and which contribute to the high levels of negativity and suspicion which are often seen and felt. These effects are felt regardless of the scale of the corruption.

“We believe that one of the major contributors to why ordinary citizens feel [hopeless] is the high levels of fraud and corruption that have beset our beloved country. This has become so prevalent, and so corrosive that most of us feel it has become the norm and there is nothing we can do about it,” wrote Madhav.

People must fight their feelings of indifference, he wrote, because if they don’t, there will be negative repercussions. By fighting corruption, we’ll help to realise all of the potential that we know we have. We will:

  1. Feel empowered instead of impotent
  2. Realise that poverty can be overcome
  3. Feel safe on our streets and in our homes
  4. Know our hospitals provide excellent healthcare, and that the right medicine is available to all of us
  5. Know that our children will receive an excellent education irrespective of where we may live
  6. Become highly competitive in the global economy
  7. Reduce the input cost of production
  8. Be the favoured destination for international investment
  9. Want to invest ourselves and our finances in our own country
  10. Know that each person can feed his or her family
  11. Know our best public policies will be properly enacted and effectively enforced
  12. Be sure our daily deeds as ordinary South Africans count
  13. Re-ignite our belief in the justice system
  14. Strengthen and uphold our democracy
  15. Enjoy the high regard and respect of other societies
  16. Live with respect and personal dignity
  17. Feel secure that our infrastructure is well maintained
  18. Know that political intolerance will not be sanctioned
  19. Be free to speak our own truth
  20. Know that our taxes are being used for projects that serve the public good and not a small minority
  21. Enjoy one another’s prosperity without worrying how it was obtained
  22. Know our roads are safe
  23. Know that each of us matters and has a role in society
  24. Know our taxes are being used efficiently to uplift our communities
  25. Help stem inflation
  26. Know that service delivery is not hindered
  27. Be assured that actions have consequences
  28. Eradicate fear and its progeny, hate
  29. Stem the flight of some of our best and brightest minds
  30. Know that no man is above another and we are all equal
  31. Eradicate greed
  32. Know your identity (ID) number is always safe…and only belongs to you
  33. Not lose hope
  34. Be able to trust and revere our leaders
  35. Know our privacy is protected
  36. Feel secure online
  37. Know that our human rights are inalienable
  38. Be proud to live in a society renowned for its morality
  39. Know that race or gender does not matter
  40. Trust that our authorities have our best interests at heart
  41. Curb the abuse of power
  42. Trust our media is telling the truth
  43. Be confident that those in pivotal positions have the necessary skills to do the job
  44. Know that people in power are not being appointed on the basis of who or what they support
  45. Feel more secure in all aspects of life
  46. Know that South Africa has a sustainable financial future
  47. Look forward to retiring in South Africa
  48. Want to live here, always
  49. Know your luggage will reach its destination without being pilfered
  50. Restore our mental and emotional well being
  51. Know 100% who you’re hiring
  52. Always be treated fairly
  53. Know that everyone is treated equally and has access to the same opportunities
  54. Restore faith in our fellow citizens and not be judgemental
  55. Feel that our wellbeing as a nation is a priority
  56. Feel good about and look forward to bringing a child into our society
  57. Increase employment opportunities
  58. Know that we are free and united
  59. Finally bury the pain of our past and look to the future
  60. Know that bribery won’t be tolerated
  61. Improve the quality of life for all South Africans
  62. Bridge the gap between the poor and rich
  63. Restore trust in all South Africans in the eyes of the world
  64. Dispel the any perception that South Africa is one of the most corrupt nations in the world
  65. Create a culture of compliance
  66. Prevent anarchy from prevailing
  67. Honour the life and teachings of Nelson Mandela and ensure his legacy lives on.