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Limited progress in SA’s enforcement of int’l anti-bribery legislation

There has been limited if any progress in South Africa’s attempts to curb foreign bribery over the past two years, says Transparency International in a new report, released today. This suggests that it remains relatively easy for South African companies to engage in corruption when conducting business outside the country’s borders, notes Corruption Watch.

Coalition supports strike against corruption and poverty

The C19 People’s Coalition supports the 7 October national strike called by the Congress of South African Trade Unions and South African Federation of Trade Unions. The unions want government to act decisively on allegations of corruption levelled against some officials, while the coalition’s demands include an end to impunity, among others.

Less-lethal police weapons, when abused, are deadly too

Any use of force by law enforcement officials must be in line with international human rights laws and principles, and with the right to an effective remedy. The C19 People’s Coalition, of which Corruption Part is part, has put together a series of infographics detailing the steps to be taken to document and report police abuse, as well as information on the legality and prescribed use of less-lethal weapons.

CW urges DMR minister to act on corruption allegations

Corruption Watch legal researcher Mashudu Masutha said the organisation’s corruption reporting channels are receiving numerous reports from mining-affected communities in different parts of the country. The reports allege serious offences, including interference and opacity from officials who are responsible for awarding of mining rights, prospecting licenses and permits – yet action from the Department of Mineral Resources is not forthcoming.

Covid millions lost to greed, carelessness, and mismanagement

The dead received almost half a million. Underage people got over R244 000. Sitting in prison? You can still claim, and get, your share of R170 000. Invalid ID number? No problem, you could be among those who received R30-million in total. These, and more, are some of the appalling findings of the Auditor-General of South Africa’s first special Covid-19 real-time audit. Download and read.