Bra Tjotjo makes his 2014 debut with a humorous take on the misuse of power and public money in a certain major building project – which took a back seat to the general election in recent weeks, but is still an issue that has not yet been resolved.

The arch-schemer never misses an opportunity to make a quick buck on the side, and has recently been involved with illegal housing projects, a school feeding scheme, a R48-million website deal which really only cost him R300, and the Guptagate affair. He also found time to become involved with a government minister, only to dump her when something better came along.

Now, in his latest video, he reveals himself to be the mastermind behind a controversial construction project that involves security upgrades, and happily adds extra features without being consulted. "It's peanuts," he assures the home owner, when asked about the cost, "R250, R1 000 and R60 000."

Later on he airily suggests that costs could be covered by taxpayers' money.

The cheeky Bra Tjotjo reminds all citizens that leaders, no matter how lofty their position, must account for their deeds – or misdeeds.

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Bra Tjotjo reveals himself to be the mastermind behind a large building project at taxpayers’ expense, and takes us behind the scenes of the controversial construction – reminding all South Africans that this is an issue that must not be forgotten.