Corruption, discrimination and land rights in Sub-Saharan Africa

Source: Transparency International The rising demand for land due to the global food crisis, climate change, rising sea levels, desertification, and extreme weather events, all limit its availability and accessibility. As global crises exacerbate inequalities, people who experience discrimination see their land rights affected the most. An earlier 2021 report by the Equal Rights Trust Read more >

Ramaphosa’s blinkered Tintswalo story omits the challenges facing SA

Image: Flickr/Africa University By Moepeng TalaneFirst published on Maverick Citizen As Corruption Watch releases its annual report, South Africa stands on the brink of its seventh democratic elections, representing what some have described as a second shot at democracy. This implies that the ANC’s 30-year rule has failed to produce a true democracy — but Read more >

In a true democracy, citizens hold the power

By Themba MasekoFirst published on News24 At the end of May, the nation is expected to conduct an introspection about the numerous crises facing the country. These crises include rising levels of poverty, inequality, unemployment, crime, an energy crisis, and a loss of confidence in the state’s capacity to fulfil its electoral and constitutional mandate.  Read more >

Fighting corruption is everyone’s business and we should all dig in

By Kavisha PillayFirst published on Daily Maverick This year marks 30 years since South Africa became a constitutional democracy, and with that, we should reflect on the many positives that have been ushered in and implemented during this period. Our democracy, though fragile and at risk in many instances, still has the potential to improve Read more >

CW looks forward to a changed landscape 30 years into democracy

Corruption Watch (CW) releases today its 12th annual corruption report, titled Changing the Landscape, just a few months ahead of one of the most critical turning points in the country’s post-democratic history. Presented during an election year, this report bears stark witness to the path South Africa finds itself on after 30 years of democracy, Read more >

CW to release 2023 annual corruption report on 3 April

Corruption Watch (CW) will release its 12th annual corruption report, titled Changing the Landscape, on Wednesday 3 April 2024. Now in its second decade of existence, CW’s work is more important than ever. Despite the presence of additional players in the anti-corruption space since the organisation’s launch in 2012, the levels of corruption have not diminished – Read more >

Scopa-SIU collaboration good for continuity

The fight against corruption in South Africa has received a significant boost in a collaborative effort between Parliament and anti-corruption agency, Special Investigating Unit (SIU). The Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the SIU to ensure continuation in the seventh parliament of cases brought to Scopa by Read more >