Corruption steals from youth’s future prospects

By Valencia Talane Employment prospects of many young people across the country are hampered by corruption and they do not access all the necessary basic services they need because of it. They would take part in a march, if given the chance, to show their unhappiness with the corruption in South Africa. This was revealed Read more >

Join our online budget discussion

Do you think finance minister Pravin Gordhan has adequately addressed the needs of the people in his 2014 budget speech? What did he do right, or wrong? Has he taken the issue of corruption seriously enough to put proper measures in place to combat it? If you think he has, if you think he hasn’t, Read more >

Business must get actively involved in nailing corruption

by David Lewis Corruption is "literally killing us". This was the view of a panellist at a recent Corruption Watch colloquium on business’s role in combating corruption, held at the Gordon Institute of Business Science. "Service delivery protests are a direct consequence of the public resources squandered by corruption," said Mark Lamberti, chairman of Transaction Read more >

Our future is not for sale

The new Corruption Watch television advert doesn’t just feature people doing corrupt activities – it features Corruption Watch staff making their national screen debut doing all the things they fight against every day. The organisation has never made a television ad before, but the production adds a new facet to its mission of raising awareness Read more >

Corruption fuels poor service delivery

Although the basic right to sufficient water is enshrined in South Africa’s Constitution, gaining access to that clean water has been a long struggle for millions of people. The struggle is still happening, and it’s a crucial driver of uprisings in South Africa today. A 2012 study by the South African Water Research Commission confirms Read more >

The arms deal: what you need to know

Browse the mini-site: What is the arms deal? What equipment was bought? When did it all go down? Who were the people involved? Allegations of corruption What is the Seriti Commission? Useful resources Updates and analysis Formally known as the Strategic Defence Package, the arms deal, to use its notorious nickname, was a multi-billion-rand military Read more >

Help make our voice count!

A Corruption Watch idea, involving online citizen activism against corruption, is one of 196 that have made it through to the public voting round in the annual Making All Voices Count global innovation competition. Check it out here and vote for our idea – there are two weeks left! South Africa is one of 12 countries Read more >